August 18, 2009

Falling to Silence

Summary: Makalle, the Wolflord, and Maren, the Snake, have been given a message by a mysterious cloaked man with extraordinary power. The message says very little, but it implies something far worse than the massacres that are raging around him.

Likes: At this point in the story, I like where the story is heading. There isn't really much here to like or dislikes, but my overall impression is that I enjoy it and I'm curious to see where it is going. Although the plot starts out a little cliched, the characters seem more well-rounded than most commercial characters in the same situation. The author has a good grasp of language, though there are a few mistakes but not anything that disrupts the clarity of the story. The action is well written as well, not too grotesque or overblown, but just the right amount of showing and telling, and knowing when to do either of them at the right time. There is a little humor thrown in as well, a nice little addition to an otherwise somber situation.

Dislikes: There is not much posted for me to dislike. It seems like the standard fantasy story, a fight, a drunken evening, and all the stuff. It hints at something more, but at this point there is not enough posted for me to debate whether I dislike or like something. I didn't think I was the audience for this story, being that I don't typically read the standard swords and sorcery fantasies, but my curiosity won out and I'm sure your curiosity will be piqued too.
Overall: At the time of this post there is only 5 chapters posted. Review will update accordingly as more is posted. I recommend listening to the Pirates of The Carribbean Soundtrack (any one would probably do) to further get into the mood of this story. I look foward to reading more.

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