August 28, 2009

101 in 1001 List

Challenge Started: Jan 1, 2009
Projected Challenge End: September 29, 2011

Total Goals: 101
Goals Completed: 24
Goals Remaining: 78
Goals in Progress: 10

Writing (19 Goals)
  1. Finish Script of Book 1 of It's All Relative by June 2011. 
  2. Write "Letters I'll Never Send" until notebook is full. 
  3. Submit stories to at least 3 literary journals. (2/3)
    1. Mosaic (Jan 31)
    2. RuneWright (Jan 31)
  4. Submit stories to at least 3 competitions (0/3)
  5. Get a story accepted to a literary journal.
  6. Apply for 3 scholarships(0/3)
  7. Win NaNoWriMo for 2011.
  8. Write a Screenplay.
  9. Write a musical.
  10. Find a literary agent.
  11. Write a query letter and have it critiqued on a well-known critique blog.  
  12. Traditionally publish a book.
  13. Self publish a book. 
  14. Write 2 1 sex scene(s) without fading to black.
  15. Write a new serial web novel. 
  16. Write one first draft by the September 2011.
  17. Earn a certificate in Film Writing Certificate.
  18. Earn a certificate in TV Writing Certificate.
  19. Write a series of themed blog posts.(0/4)
    Travel & Experiences (21 Goals)
    1. Go White Water Rafting somewhere other than Kern River.
    2. Go to Colorado.
    3. Go Kayaking.($63)
    4. Learn to Surf.($64)
    5. Learn to Snorkel.($39)
    6. Hike in Yosemite National Park. (Feb 25)
    7. Go to Sea World($69) and San Diego Zoo.($37)
    8. Go Camping in the Wild Animal Park.($139+$37=$176)
    9. Go to Japan.
    10. Go backpacking in Europe.
    11. Go to abroad for a medical/volunteer/humanitarian project.
    12. Take a road trip.
    13. Learn to snowboard.
    14. Go to Leaky Con 2011or similar convention.
    15. Go to AnimeExpo and see at least 4 panels.
    16. Go to Comic Con and see at least 4 panels.
    17. Go canyoneering.
    18. Go indoor skydiving.
    19. Go Real Skydiving.
    20. Go Cliff Jumping.  
    21. Go Skim Boarding. 
    22. Go whale watching.
    School (8 Goals)
    1. Get a 3.2 g.p.a. or higher (2.982/3.2) by Spring 2011.
    2. Take GRE. Get a 1200. 
    3. Get a 3.5 for every quarter from now to graduation!
    4. Apply for graduate schools in Winter 2010.
    5. Pay off half of student loans before starting graduate school.
    6. Earn a certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Therapy or similar certificate.($3000)
    7. Get an B.A. in Creative Writing.   
    8. Get an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. 

    Personal (28 Goals)

    1. Draw a comic.
    2. Take a photography class.
    3. Take an art class.
    4. Take a voice acting class.
    5. Possibly get a tattoo.
    6. Join a sorority.
    7. Get Passport renewed.
    8. Make a purse.  
    9. Do a project for Kickstarter.
    10. Make a stop motion animation video.
    11. Make a stop motion video with people.
    12. Do a Habitat For Humanity Project.
    13. Get full character designs of IAR characters. (or draw them myself)
    14. Train a dog for Pet Therapy program.
    15. Make business cards. 
    16. Design an outfit on Zazzle, buy it, then wear it.(Shoes, Shirt/hoodie)
    17. Take a modeling class. 
    18. Donate $200 to ($25 to each featured entrepreneur) 
    19. Find a full-time job. 
    20. Cosplay my character. (purple wig, blue contacts, goth lolita costume)
    21. Pay off Credit Cards.
    22. Earn $500 dollars a month through Demand Studios (roughly 33 articles)
    23. Work out 3 days a week for half an hour for one month. 
    24. Go to a Rave. 
    25. Take a dance class. 
    26. Join Taiko club.
    Holy Grail Goals
    1. Have a show on a premium network (like HBO).
    2. Write an award winning novel. 
    3. Hit the New York Times Best Sellers List. 
    4. Have a cartoon show on a national network.
    Completed (20 Goals)
    1. Update Wardrobe
    2. Volunteer two hours a week (African American Health Institute: March 2010)
    3. Get an medical internship during the summer. (Clinical Care Extender April 2009)
    4. Get a job during the summer.(Playful Beginnings, Inc. April 2009)
    5. Get an apartment/buy a house for the summer/next year.(June 2009/May 2010) 
    6. Plot a story once a month. (Completed Dec 2009)
    7.  Research 3 graduate schools a week (during the weekends) (30/30)
    8. Go to at least 3 fandom conventions and/or festivals.
      1. DickensFest(Feb 2009) 
      2. Comic Con(July 2009) 
      3. DickensFest (Feb 2010) 
      4. Festival of Books (April 2010)
    9. Win a writing competition (scholarships count)
      1. Dr. Prem Reddy Scholarship
      2. Affiliates of UC Riverside Scholarship
    10. Meet a nationally known author. 
      1. Maya Angelou (October 2009) 
      2. Heidi Durrow (February 2010)
      3. John Green and David Levithan (April 2010)
      4. Dolen Valdez-Perkins (May 2010)
    11. Go to at least 2 Nerdfighter gatherings.
      1. Hank at the Glendale Library. (Nov 2009)
      2. John at the Los Angeles Festival of Books (April 2010) 
    12. Get ears repierced and another piercing.
    13. Change major to Psychology.(May 2009) 
    14. Get new hairstyle. 
    15. Wear make-up.
    16. Buy a new car. (I had to compromise with my mom to get my car painted. It's as good as new though.)
    17. Go to Las Vegas.(March 2010)
    18. Rent a car.
    19. Go to Happy Hour.  
    20. Have a blog giveaway contest.
    21. Take a make-up artistry class 
    22. Get a new digital camera (GE something or other, was only $150)
    23. Get on the Dean's List. (Dean's Honors List 3.925 GPA!)  
    24. Guest post on at least 3 blogs.(2/3)
      1. All Eyes On at Reading in Color.  
      2. Choosing Your Major at Maggie's Bookshelf.
      3. Blogger Interview at All Days Of


    Chrizette said...

    Wow, these are some awesome goals. Good luck - I hope you achieve them all!

    Najela said...

    I'm glad you like them. I hope to blog about my experiences trying to accomplish these goals.


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