August 18, 2009

Nicholas Jeff

Nicholas Jeff by Pyerse Dandridge

Summary: Nick is a bus boy working at Shelly Sholes, a restaurant teeming with belligerent clientele, annoying bosses, and a bunch of slackers. Nick is on the brink of being fired by his boss.Then something goes wrong and things go from bad to worse after something goes wrong with the distract manager.
Likes: The cool thing about Nick is that he is not afraid to say what's on his mind, which can be refreshing in a way. The other characters are strange, quirky, and irritating in a way. We've got the George, a fellow busser who takes his job waaay too seriously. Tar-Lung and FJ, whose chain smoking interferes with their jobs. Lucy, the annoying, ditzy new girl and a whole host of new characters. This also another slow paced story so far. Nick is always one step away from getting fired and it's kind of funny the stuff that he gets away with. Nick says the the things we wish we could say to our bosses, our co-workers, and thinks the things we may be thinking about when we come in contact with the less polite clients in any field of work. There's a turning point in the story and things seem to get a bit more interesting.
Dislikes: Nick's commentary can be a little heavy handed and overbearing at time. Sometimes it's a bit too snarky and it's hard to see him as a likeable character. It's a wonder how he hasn't gotten fired with his attitude. All the characters seem like types at this point and since it's early, I'm hoping that they'll break out of their types soon.
Overall: The story is amusing and a nice distraction, but I'm hoping there will be a little more substance to it. It's interesting because he seems like he's trying to get fired, but the worse punishment would make him keep this dead in job. I'm reading this story, wondering why I'm reading and why I keep reading. I'm not sure what is going on, but the last chapter has me intrigued and I keep wondering where this story is going. This is your standard slice-of-life story but things are getting interesting with the last installment.

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