August 18, 2009

Queen of Seven

Queen of Seven by Sarah Suleski
Sequel to Alisiyad
Summary: The story follows Eliasha, the daughter of Russ and Liseli. As a result of her parents travels to the magical and dangerous world of Alisiya, Elly has developed special powers that can either be a blessing or a curse.
Likes: All I can say is damn. Damn . . . this is so good. It blows my mind how good this is. I liked Alisiyad, but I love Queen of Seven. The sequel is so much better. Many stories that have sequels often that negate the impact of the first story. This story enhances the first story, but doesn’t completely overshadow the original. They play side by side, building off the secrets that were never told into the first story. The children are suffering from the secrets their parents kept in the first story. It’s wonderful. Elly is a special child, but she doesn't suffer from the special snowflake syndrome although she is blessed/cursed with amazing power. She doesn't know how to use this power nor does she seem to want this power. She doesn't suffer from special snowflake syndrome because she has flaws and those flaws are very apparent. These flaws inhibit her from fulfilling her expectations, they aren't overlooked for mere purpose of the plot.
Dislikes: That the author is currently on hiatus. I'm hoping Book 2 will be just as epic as Book 1.
Overall: I love this story. It's one of my favorites and I hope it will become one of your's too.

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