August 18, 2009

Tracker: Tiger and Fox

Tracker: Tiger and Fox by David Fields
Summary: Tracker is a genetic fox experiment. Antoinette is a drifter with a dark secret. Both of these characters are trying to fit into a normal world and find their humanity together.
Likes: The concept of shapeshifters and mutants is interesting. I'm always interested in reading about the lives of mutants or genetic experiments trying to fit into the culture of the world. The most compelling character is Antoinette, the story seems to follow her and her actions more than it does with Tracker. As a plot driven story, the story excels at bringing a host of elements into play. We have genetic constructs and experiments and from what I gather, seemingly normal characters who have to adjust to what has been done to them. I like that the story has its trials and tribulations and that the characters, Tracker and Antoinette seem to find happiness at some point. They make a really great team and after all their troubles, things start to look up. It's sweet (but borders on the line of cheesy (see below for details), but after all they been through together, it's nice to see that they can be happy too.
Dislikes: The chapters are broken into different parts which has always been an annoyance of mine. I feel like I've been reading forever and I'm only on chapter 19. Most of the action is told in a "then this happened" type of manner. As a reader, I very rarely get the characters emotions in a way that makes me experience them as well. The emotions are told to us and the physical reactions are told to us. The characters are a bit lacking because of this. The story seems wrapped up in its plot that it forgets a lot of characterization. Things that are important or that would add to the characterization are merely skimmed over as if watching a montage of the characters actions instead of living in the moment with the characters. I think it's the constant head hopping that causes the story to lose a bit of it's appeal because we never seem to be with a character long enough to get any of the action. I think the story could use a point of view change. I know it's a radical idea, but it would be interesting to see Antoinette's story, told in Tracker's point of view and to stay with his point of view the whole time.
Overall: There are two versions of this story, the Original Tiger and Fox and then a revised version. Personally, I prefered the original to the revised because the writing had a lot more character in my opinion, even though it was mostly telling and not showing. The revised story is something entirely different and can be a separate story although. Antoinette stole the show in the original story and from what I've read of the revised version, she seems to be doing it again.

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