May 1, 2009

Ironside by Holly Black

Ironside by Holly Black
Date Started: April 20, 2009 Date Finished: May 1, 2009
Summary: After getting drunk on mushroom wine, Kaye makes a declaration to Roiben. He sends her on an nearly impossible task: Find a fairy who can tell a lie. During this time, the war between the Seelie and Unseelie courts is getting more heated and things are looking bad for Roiben and the Night court.
Likes: The prologue is great. I like all the secondary characters and Roiben. I like Corny and Luis and all the characters presented in the book. It's a great continuation of the last book and it's a sad, bittersweet ending of the trilogy. The action was entertaining and quick pace without slowing down the story. I enjoyed how much the characters have grown up since the first book (with Kaye being the exception). I enjoyed this book well enough and it was an entertaining read.
Dislikes: Kaye. She's annoying and I'm not sure why. She's kind of hysterical and has a tendency to overreact. She always coincidentally comes up with the solution to the problem at the last minute and saves the day. She's really irritating to read about opposed to the other characters. The language is still a little awkward, but not as bad as it was in the first book. Things that I want to see as a scene are only skimmed over.
Overall: My favorite is still Valiant because it's so gritty and dark, whereas this one wasn't so much. I think I might have liked it the same as the first one, maybe a little bit more. I'm not really sure, Kaye is just an irritating character that I just read through to get to the better points of view such as Roiben's or Neil's (Corny).

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