October 28, 2009

Flyover City!

Summary: Joel, a telephone clerk, is being pressured by his girlfriend to get a "real job" and living an ordinary life until a serious bout of karma interrupts his life and gives him a new calling.

Likes: I don't typically like blog fiction and superhero stories, so having them put together is something I didn't think I'd enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised. The premise, while not altogether new, is refreshing to read about. The characters, Joel, seems to have superficial reasons to come to this conclusion about what direction he wants his life to take. His character isn't instantly likable. I'm not sure what makes this story more interesting in blog format than just reading a first person narrative. The story feels like it could be taking place in real time and it has a context, a place, and allows you to suspend your disbelief about superheros in our world.

One of things that I dislike about blog fiction and something that the author doesn't make the mistake of falling into is when the "character" writes about the mundane. Some authors try to make the blog so realistic that they write about all the boring things in life. They forget that there is still a story to tell. I started reading this story with the intention of just reading five chapters and writing the review, but it's interesting because it's just highlights and details and not a play-by-play of the character's life.

Dislikes: None of the characters are particularly likable, but they are interesting. There are a few typos and mistakes, but nothing that was glaringly wrong. I did get thrown out of the story a bit when the typos came up, but it wasn't too bad to get back into the story. It takes a little while for the whole plot to come in to play, but the writing makes up for it.

Overall: I think I might keep reading this story. Most stories, even if they aren't in my preferred genres can interest me if they have good writing. Take a chance on this story, you won't be disappointed.

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