December 22, 2009

About Me

The Short-ish Version:  21 years old. I like to write. I play three instruments: Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, and Piano. I like to cook. I like to read YA and fantasy novels. I'm a nerdfighter, which means I'm made of awesome. I love to laugh. I've had many jobs; most of them dealing with teaching children. I live in California, splitting my time between my apartment near my college and my home in the desert with my mom, my cat, and my dog. When I grow up I want to be a Nurse Practitioner specializing in autism and a world famous author.

The Long Version: I grew up in a small desert town on the way to Vegas. I had an interesting upbringing. I was raised by a single parent mother who went above and beyond her call of duty, more than most two parent households. Since I had to entertain myself most of the times, I made up wild stories and acted them out with my stuffed animals.

I started writing before I was seven years old, but my most memorable story was a story I wrote in second grade called "Cool Dog" (which was just a rehashing of Oliver and Company only with all dogs). In fourth grade, my language arts teacher required us to write a story every week (I really don't remember how often). He'd give us a prompt and we wrote about it. Many of my stories were about talking puppies and kitties. In fifth and sixth grade I wrote two books called "Blaze" and "Blaze 2: Kalahari's Adventure" about... you guessed it, talking animals.
The only thing I remember in middle school is having braces, being teased, fights, playing the trumpet in band, making my English teacher cry, and being in love with our trombone player only because he liked Dragonball Z. I also met some of the best friends that I could ever have. The main ones being T, A(who I had met and talked with but didn't become close until 9th grade), and Maringa/Lili. The other good thing is that I started liking Japanese animation and I think the people I met that have the same common interest shaped my life-- some for better and some for worse. 

I went onto high school where I met U in my English class.  I always got in trouble in that class for snide remarks, reading, or writing Inuyasha fan fiction with my friends. High school was spent ditching class, playing music, and writing/brainstorming stories. I learned that sometimes you have to do things your own way. During high school, some friendships grew stronger, others fell by the wayside but my closest friends and my writing always stayed constant.

We all graduated from high school and most of us went our separate ways. I started UC Riverside and took my first creative writing class the fall of my freshman year. It was an interesting class, but as I took more and more classes, I figured, "Hey, I'm pretty good at this thing." and decided to make it my minor. I was a neuroscience major at the time and could never find a good balance between science and writing, so I never declared it. The spring quarter of my third year, I changed my major to psychology and I am looking forward to declaring my creative writing double major in a couple weeks officially a creative writing double major. I hope to graduate with my B.A. Degree in Psychology and Creative Writing in the Fall 2010 and I have no idea where my life is going after that.

That's why I feel my life is just one big adventure. I hope you'll travel this journey with me. =)


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