December 21, 2009

Infinite Alice (WiP)

The Apple Tree Bakery has fallen on hard times ever since Alessandra Morales' mother left. Her father spiraled into the dark world of drinking and gambling. Her older sister, Magdalena, has taken over the family bakery and has become a stern and matronly businesswoman, not the fun-loving sister Alessandra remembers. Her other sister, Veronica, is obsessed with being married to a rich man to escape the poor town of Acapella. Her only friend is Noah, the delivery boy, and even he's too absorbed with his job and his bike to notice her. Alessandra knows she's too old to dream, she's sixteen for goddess sakes, but she can't help it. Dreaming is the only way to get through the day.

Despite her dreaming, Alessandra can't help but notice the strange black cat that only eats bread, cream, and rum sitting on her doorstep. She also can't help but notice this cat has somehow transformed into a handsome man named Ches Kitenger or that there is a flying pirate ship waiting outside of her window. The woman commanding the ship tells Alessandra that she's late for an important date. For Alessandra, this story seems exactly like a dream, but a journey through the strange world of Atheria and its seedy underground prove that fact is far stranger than fiction.

INFINITE ALICE is a steampunk fantasy novel for young adults inspired by Alice in Wonderland set in the early Lunar Years of Atheria.

First Draft------ Finished by February 2010
          20 Chapters

First Draft Critiques------ March 2010

Second Draft Revision-----April 2010

Second Draft Critiques------June 2010
Final Revision

Query Agents-----Mid June 2010


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