January 24, 2010

Creative Writing Classes

1. Lower-division requirements (20 units; five courses)

Two Creative Writing survey courses from CRWT 046A, CRWT 046B(Fall 2010), or CRWT 046C


Two Creative Writing introductory courses from CRWT 057A, CRWT 057B, or CRWT 057C


One literature survey course from CRWT 043 (Summer 2010)

2. Upper-division requirements (60 units)

a) Three workshop courses in primary genre:
Fiction CRWT 152, CRWT 162, CRWT 172(Spring 2010)

b) Repeat one advanced workshop  CRWT 172 (Fall 2010) or other course approved by the department

c) Two workshop in second genre:  CRWT 164A(Summer 2010), CRWT 166A(Fall 2010)

e) Three upper-division courses in Creative Writing: CRWT 143, CRWT 146 (E-Z), CRWT 155, CRWT 165, CRWT 171, CRWT 173, CRWT 174, CRWT 175, CRWT 176 (E-Z), CRWT 185 (E-Z), CRWT 187/CPLT 187, CRWT 191 (may be taken twice but used only once for major credit), CRWT 198I (may be taken only once, for 4 units)

f) One upper-division course in Art, Art History, Music, Dance, or Theatre (must be a 4-unit course)

g) Four (4) units of CRWT 195 or CRWT 195H (Senior Honors Thesis) or approved course from list available in department

h) Four upper-division courses of concentration in another discipline or set of disciplines approved by advisor


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