February 15, 2010

The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees-Brennan

Summary: Brothers Nick and Alan are on the run from a dark magician who is after their mother. Mae and Jamie, a brother and sister pair, are looking for help to remove a mysterious mark from Jamie's leg. Their worlds collide when Mae looks to Alan and Nick (by default since he'd do anything for his brother) for help in removing the demon mark from her brother's leg.

Likes: The writing is the best aspect of the story, in my opinion. SRB has a really fresh writing style that is full of wit and cleverness. The dialogue between the character is superb. The characters are three dimensional and unique. The story utilizes some fantasy tropes but SRB takes that trope, changes it up, and adds a twist that throws the reader for a loop. SRB's worldbuilding was spectacular and weaves between world building, action, and backstory without enormous amounts of info-dumps.The writing takes some getting used to because it isn't as chatty as some other YA fantasy novels.

Dislikes: It's clear that this story is supposed to be a trilogy. There were many loose ends that I wish could have been tied up in this book(I want go in detail without giving some spoilers), but since there are other books I expect the loose ends to be tied up quite concisely, but I also suspect that they will lead to more complications as well.

Overall: I can't wait for the second and third books to come out. SRB has a fun and refreshing writing style that makes her story much more than the average YA fantasy novel.


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