April 10, 2010

My Life As A Rhombus By Varian Johnson

Date Started: April 10
Date Finished: April 10

Summary: Rhonda has been roped into tutoring the stuck up rich girl, Sarah. But Sarah has a major secret she's hiding and Rhonda is the only friend that she can turn to. After all, Rhonda has found herself in a similar position, with a vastly different outcome. Rhonda must learn to move on and love again.

Likes: This was a great novel. I loved the voice of the character. I never really thought that a man could capture a girl's voice without making her whiny or cold. Rhonda was tragically flawed and a well rounded character. I could easily see myself in her position, I was similar to that girl at that age and I'm still in awe at how the author could capture her voice so perfectly (especially a man). At an rate, the story was great. It had some breath taking moments where I seriously didn't know what was going to happen on the next page. I had points where I was holding my breath and I couldn't stop reading.(as you can see I read it one day.) All the characters were flawed and it was obvious that they made mistakes, but the author brings up some heavy subjects without being judgmental about the choices that the characters made nor overly preachy about certain subjects either and believe me there were a lot of heavy issues that are a little uncomfortable to read in a YA novel. But these things do happen and I'm glad the author approached them in a sensitive, entertaining, and informative way.

Dislikes: The subject matter itself. I'm still in the gray area as far as abortion is concerned. And Chris, he's a bit of an archetype of that evil playboy that all the girls hate. I know we aren't supposed to like him and I love the way the girls got him back, but I just wish there could be a novel that made that guy a little more empathetic. It's not going to be this novel, which is good, but it's an overall gripe.

Overall: I loved it. I can't wait to read more novels by Varian Johnson. The little interview at the end of the novel was interesting to read as well.

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