June 2, 2010

Week 3/Week 4

Unfortunately, I didn't get anything accomplished this week either. I figure school is just slightly more important than writing, but not by much since creative writing is my major. This creativity workshop is definitely helpful in the sense that I need to find out ways to sustain my writing.

So while the Creative Workshop this week was a bust, I was able to get some things done for school. I finished my creative non-fiction essay, even though the teacher wanted it to go in a completely different direction than I did. I wrote what she wanted to see and got a pretty descent essay out of it. I figure that's what I'm going to have to do if/when I get an editor.

After spending a somewhat productive weekend involving a balloon fight in a park at 3:00 in the morning with a bunch of people I never met before and drunken jerkin' (it's a dance, and no I won't show you how to do it) with my friends, I feel refreshed to finish this finals week out. Yes, it's finals week for me. I have a paper due on Thursday, two papers due on Friday(one of which is due on Tuesday, but I want to get it out of the way because I have to work that day), a final on Saturday, and a final on Monday, so I'll be studying hardcore the finals and writing the paper. 

CRWT 172 Revision is complete, but I'm thinking I want to add some scenes and structure the novel differently. I think I want three parts, Now, Past, and another Now section. It actually doesn't have to be a novel, but I liked some of the feedback that wanted to see things extended and I have a lot of scenes planned out to create a novel. I know my professor probably wants to see the Community center scene so I'll probably just have to finish up the first section because that's the scene that I want to write, then show an extended scene of what my professor wants. I probably will talk it over in class tomorrow since we get pizza and stuff.

IAR will probably be put on hold until after finals. I'm going back home in a couple days, then go clubbing with some friends, then watch some graduations, then move out of my apartment, bring my dog down and try to make some money before school starts. So far, my friend and I figured out that starting in a different place would be good, but I think I'm going to write the pivotal scenes and then work my way back.

Said friend and I are going to be hashing out the details for a dystopian future story. I'm excited. It's the first collaboration story I've done since high school (and those don't count because they are fanfiction) and I've always wanted to do something like this. It doesn't hurt that even though she's not a "writer type" in a sense that she maybe doesn't want to pursue a full time career in writing like I do, I like her writing style. It's contemplative, without being tedious to read. I guess my style/voice could be described as quirky dark humor, with a little grotesque and gory aspect to it. Anyway, I'd like to share what we got so far, it's a pretty awesome concept, but I'm afraid that'll just have to wait. Maybe we can post a chapter or two of the first draft or something but for now, my lips are sealed.

How was your memorial day weekend? Get anything done or do anything fun?


AuroraLee said...

Sounds like you've got a lot to keep you busy, and a great idea for a collaborative piece! Good luck!

Merrilee said...

School is important! Don't get your lack of other progress get you down. :)


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