July 1, 2010

Works in Progress

Untitled Contemporary YA- For the past three years since he was adopted, Max has been trying to be the best adopted son possible. Even though he knows it's not possible now, he is still afraid that he might get sent away if he isn't perfect. Max makes good grades, plays in the band, joins clubs, all the things that college admissions counselors are looking for. The life of perfection comes to a halt when Max meets Isabelina "Izzy" Rodriguez-Smith, a firecracker of a girl with a less than stellar reputation at a party. At first, Max and Izzy ignore their initial meeting, dodging each other at school and pretending that night never happened. However, as punishment for sneaking out to go that party, Max is sent to a foster kids support group aptly named "On The Right Track". To his surprise, Izzy is also a part of this group. Izzy and Max start a secret Saturday relationship while pretending not to know each other while at school. After stealing Izzy's file from the "On the Right Track" counselor, Max learns that Izzy is a troubled girl with dark and painful secrets. Now she has a major secret that threatens to upset Max's picture of perfection and his chances for a full ride scholarship for the university of his dreams.Will Max give up his dreams to make Izzy's come true?
           Plotting stage- first 18 chapters are plotted, just need to figure out the conclusion.
           Next Stage- Writing the rest of the darn thing. 

It's All Relative- Aoikin University is not an ordinary college and its students aren't  ordinary students. For one thing, Aoikin Unversity is in the magical world of Atheria, a world previous blocked off to most humans. Its students are the best and brightest magical creatures the world has to offer. Some creatures are familiar like nymphs, dragons, phoenixes and others like the animal-humanoid creatures called an Animari are not so familiar.  Sora Kainomori and her new friends are college freshman eagerly awaiting their first year. Takun Kuroshiro, the Prince of Atherian Celebrity Royalty (and the "princesses" he hooks up with) can't wait for the year to be over. Sasuke Kohakume, a dedicated senior is only a few credits shy of graduation. When a peaceful protest over a string of major attacks turns into a deadly riot, the paths of these students and their friends intertwine with terrible consequences. Now instead of midterms and finals, they are each being sucked into a violent revolution in different ways. And you thought your college years were hard.
                 Brainstorming the structure(Multiple POV similar to The Help) and the plot(completed).
                 Writing on hiatus

Untitled Dystopian Fantasy/Colab Story- One thousand years into the future, the world has expanded and exhausted every inch of land. Hurting for resources, the people of the world are forced to move upward towards the sky. The new world has turned into one giant vertical City Planet and is broken into nine levels, with each level building on the remains of the levels before it. Arden St. James is a Level One "Roach" in charge of sanitation and death disposal. She prepares the dead by logging them out of the city-planet's system. Arden decides that she's fed up with being a roach when she gets the wild idea to use a stolen ID pass and a family pass from a dead Level Three woman. Arden plans to use her newly acquired passes to help her brothers and her friends get the food and supplies they all so desperately need. More importantly, the pass gives her the chance to look for her scientist father "Robert" St. James, who disappeared six years ago. Arden's plan goes well, until she gets caught by Roone Veritas, a boy from the highest level, Level 9. As Arden tries to run away, she and Roone uncover something dangerous beneath the surface of their vertical city.
Free Writing------ Currently Doing
Planning my parts  of the book------- Currently Doing        
First Chapter Due------ July 31

Quarter Life Crisis: Tales of Super Senior (Comic)- a semi-autobiographical tale about a girl in her early twenties trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life and all the wonderfully strange people she meets along the way.
           Planning Stage- Figuring out what events I need to include.
           Next Step: Taking an art/photoshop class. Read comics, imitate art styles. (I'm really looking forward to reading the Scott Pilgrim Series, I'm loving the simple animation style and bright colors)


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