August 6, 2010

Character Spotlight #2: Noah

In continuing with my #WeSeWriMo character spotlight, I give you Noah St. James.

Author's Notes: Noah is fun to write. He's smart, crass, rude, and a complete jackass. What bad boy isn't? He's a genius with designs, but a failure at actually building those designs(this is where Alessandra comes in). He is the standard drifter just rolled into town looking for a job. He's ruthless, selfish, and has little sense of what's right and what's wrong. Then he gets punished for his crimes, regrets said crimes, and now is being punished by people who want him to continue those crimes, and is officially being punished for the other crimes. He's being chased on both sides and he doesn't really care who he uses to stay alive. Doesn't he just sound absolutely charming?

Once again using Janice Hardy's questions.  I apologize if this is spoilerific, but he is the catalyst to the story.

Name: Noah St. James

Age: 21
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Body Build: Lanky, lean, but not very muscular

1. What are the critical needs of my character?
Noah needs to stay alive and out of the hands of the two sides that are trying to capture him.

2. What are the critical fears of my character?
That he will be killed. Eventually he learns that his actions affect others

3. Who are their friends?
He has a lot of shady friends in the city, people who owe him favors, people who he owes favors to. All of these friends are only for protection and his well-being. He doesn't really contribute much in the way of true friendship. His probably one true friend before Alessandra comes along is Ches, who is a cat animari (demon) and well, Ches is a cat. 

4. Who are their enemies?
Pretty much the both governments in Atheria and Earth and several ex-girlfriends.

Things I Look for as I Write

1. What personality trait helps them? What hurts them?
Noah is pretty sociable and friendly. He's able to smooth talk his way through sticky situations. The thing that hurts him the most is his selfishness. His selfishness and excessive greed is what got him in this mess in the first place.

2. What do they think is fair? Unfair?
He really wants to right his wrongs and he knows that his sense of morality is skewed towards whatever choices get him what he wants.

3. What do they like about their friends? Dislike about them?
He doesn't have many close friends. He likes that Ches has remained loyal, but he is unsure how true Ches' loyalty is.

4. How do they handle stress?He doesn't handle stress very well. He has a tendency to fall apart and lose control of the situation. Another reason why he's in this mess.

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