August 1, 2010

What's Happening? #1 August!

What's happenin'? This is a series of posts that take place every month about the goals I'll be trying to accomplish during the month.

Writing goals:
Sex, Drugs, and Steampunk a web serial novel project that I'm trying to write for WeSeWriMo. I'm not sure it'll have as much sex and drugs as the title implies, but I'm trying to write out of my comfort zone. On Wednesdays (for #webficwed)I'll post the unedited excerpts for your viewing pleasure. This will count for the 101 in 1001 goal of writing 3 first drafts, writing a new web serial, and write two sex scenes without fading to black.

Slowly, but surely the DF(which has slowly become an Urban Fantasy) is making progress. The first chapter was due July 31, but since I got involved with SDS, there hasn't been much done on this. There also isn't a set deadline for being finished. My co-author and I spent the day brain storming and had our first somewhat successful free write. 

Blog Goals
I set up some pretty ambitious private blogging goals, but I also have some plans for this blog.
I hope to have some theme posts written about reading, writing, and some of my interests. I definitely plan on having some giveaways so you can win various things such as gift cards, books, etc.... I'm truly grateful to be in the position to host some giveaways.

This is a schedule for giveaways. I have yet to determine some of the prizes:

August 1- August 6, Winner Announced August 7        $20 Amazon Gift card
August 8- August 13, Winner Announced August 14     Two notebooks, pens, and a book light
August 15- August 20, Winner Announced August 21   $20 Amazon Gift card
August 22- August 27, Winner Announced August 28,  Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins(this one I know for sure)

I plan on posting some themed blogs about the intersection between Psychology and Creative Writing starting on Tuesday.

So I hope you sit back and enjoy this crazy month!

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