September 2, 2010

DIY MFA: Goals

Gabi at Iggi & Gabi is having a Do It Yourself Master of Fine Arts workshop on her blog. It's going to be filled with wonderful tips to jump start your creativity in constructive academic-like way. I recommend that you sign up or follow along (if you find out about everything too late).

A few days ago she discussed choosing measurable goals compared to an abstract goal and choosing a Holy Grail goal. 

My goals for this month is
  •  Continue Sex, Drugs, and Steampunk--- Currently have 4ish/ Get as far as I can with 4 chapters a week. 
  • Planning IAR graphic novel----- 5 episodes
  • Work on packet for senior thesis/grad school application----- Revise creative writing story and write personal statement. Due by September 20.
  • Submit to literary journals---- By the end of the month
My Holy Grail of goals is to have a movie or TV series based of one of my stories.

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