September 21, 2010

Teaser Tuesday #3

      Writing this scene has been so interesting. I wanted it to be obvious that these two people like each other and make it obvious that they'll hook up  within the next couple chapters or so. ;). Honestly though, writing scenes like this and other scenes in the future lets me know that you can't force your characters to do something that they aren't ready for. If you want to write any scene and the characters are deflecting things and not going the way you want, let them take control and let them do what they want and ease them into situations that they aren't familiar with then let them deal with the consequences of their actions. You know they are going to do what you want, but it may no be when you want it. This scene echoes that sentiment.

"You should go to sleep," Noah said. Was he awake all this time? His cat was asleep next to him, its head resting on his stomach.
    "I need you guys to get out of my sofa," she said. He smirked.
    "I don't bite, Al," Noah said. Alessandra was too tired to argue and collapsed on her bed. The cat startled awake, but settled into the space between her and Noah.
    "My name is Alessandra," she corrected, feeling her eyes get heavy.
    "Al is easier to say," he said. "If I had an arm, I'd put it around your shoulder right now."
    "I guess that means I'll have to take longer to fix it then," she said. "How are you feeling?"
    "Fine," he rolled over on his side to look at her. "You did a good job. The least painful arm yanking I've ever had."
    "This is something you do often?"
    "More often than one would think," Noah said. "If you couldn't tell, it's kinda flimsy. It was made in a hurry."
    "Yeah, I noticed, but it's functional. It's masterfully made in that regard."
    Alessandra yawned and partly wished that Noah did have an arm to put around her. His presence reminded her of Kalan, but Noah's energy was so different compared to her ex-boyfriend's. She hardly knew Noah for one thing, but she was willing to share a bed with him. Then again, sleeping on the floor was hazardous to one's health. The bathtub was uncomfortable and stained pink with blood. Anywhere else would leave a crick in her back which wasn't conducive to fixing anything. It seemed like this was the only option.
    His presence only amplified how empty her house was ever since Kalan left. She hadn't thought about him until this moment, even though it had been a year since they broke up. Her sister was happy with her boyfriend, her father was in the big city, and she was all by herself.
    "Al, are you still awake?"
    "Please stop calling me that," Alessandra replied. "Or I'm going to call you No-no."
    Noah broke out into laughter, causing the bed to shake underneath them. "I'd love it if you called me No-no while we're laying in your bed."

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beth said...

Is this from your WIP?

Najela said...

Yes. This is from my WiP. I realize I forgot to mention that.


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