December 23, 2010

Blog Plans for 2011

Next quarter is my last quarter of school and coincidentally, it also my least busiest as far as classes are concerned. My job is seasonal, which is alright, but the problem is finding another job to cover the rent when the financial aid runs out. That being said, I will have a lot of time on my hands and I want to take my blogging to the next level. I enjoy blogging and connecting with other people. I notice that I jump from community to community, whether it be book bloggers and struggling writers etc... I've met a lot of really cool people from all over the world. Now that I presumably have a lot of time on my hands, I want to be more consistent with posts, subjects, and overall have a more coherent blog. I don't want to set a definite schedule, but I'd definitely like to update more not just with book reviews, but other things as well.

I want to narrow the focus of this blog a bit more to just YA fiction and web fiction. I will most likely read literary books just for the sake of reading them or whether I have to read them for class (like for my thesis and special studies), but I'll most likely say less about them than I have in the past or at least try to get more active on goodreads. 

I think I might open my blog up to accepting ARCs and things of that nature. I'll will research the idea further. I definitely will try to read more books during the week.

Book Challenges
  1. Take part of 100+ challenge again.
  2. Take part in the 2011 Debut Author Challenge.
  3. Take part in the Contemps Challenge
  4. Take part in the Steampunkery Book Challenge.
  5. Find a Dystopian Book Challenge.
  6. A PoC book challenge is just a given. Probably need to read more about cultures that I'm unfamiliar with. 
It would be cool to write more flash fiction on here. Originally, I wanted my senior thesis to be a single starting of a novel, but I think it might be best to work with several short stories that I can send out and build my publishing cred.

I don't know if this is cool or not, but I also would like to post first drafts on here as well, (after the quarter is over so I don't get in trouble for possible self-plagiarism), the revision process, and hopefully a link to a polished piece in some fancy literary magazine. (one can dream right). At the very least, I'd like to chronicle my thesis and special studies classes.

Personal Posts
I've moved my personal posts to a tumblr (I gave in, I'm sorry), so if you would still like to read about my personal life such as school, love, and life after graduating college, then jump aboard and join the Adventures of a Twenty-Something.

I'm going on hiatus on this blog (I'll probably be posting sparingly at Adventures of a Twenty-Something), but I'll be back Jan 1, maybe with a giveaway (and reviews), so have fun and stay safe over the holidays.

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Jon Paul said...

Happy Holidays!

Najela said...

Thanks. =)

Aylee said...

I found a Dystopian Book Challenge a while ago but now I can't remember where I saw it. Sorry!

Najela said...

@Jon Paul: I hope you enjoy your holidays as well.

@Aylee: No worries. I know they have a challenge for August, but I don't know if I can wait that long. Lol.

Dusky Literati said...

Here's a dystopia book challenge. I'm participating in this one as well as a Steampunk one.

Najela said...

@Dusky: Thanks so much. I'm going to look into this.


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