January 15, 2011

Loose Blog Schedule

 Blog posting schedule:
This will be the loosest schedule ever just in case things get too hectic around here.I do want to have some sense of structure.

Thursday: Thesis Thursdays (Starting Next Week)  Just some updates on my thesis classes. Teacher has office hours on Wednesdays, so I'll be talking about my experience afterward.

Friday: Friday Follow/Blog Hop.(starting Next Week) I really miss doing these. I'll probably do this every other week just because I have a lot to do.

Saturday: Book Reviews (all the books I read for in one day.)

Sunday: Adventures of a 20 Something Post

I'm co-conspirator on a new blog coming soon, I'll give an announcement as the time comes.

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YA reader said...

Your blog is fantastic! I'm following :)

Najela said...

Thanks. I'm glad you like it.


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