January 20, 2011

Thesis Thursday #1

Thesis Thursdays!

Info: This is just a little feature about writing my Senior Thesis for Creative Writing. Hopefully it'll be helpful to you in some way.

So January 12, I met with my thesis advisor to talk to about the project. She asked what types of stories I liked to read and it'll probably help if you had a general idea of what you wanted to write.

I actually didn't do much that week, but it might help to know why you chose your thesis advisor. I chose mine because I liked the types of books she wrote. I liked her historical fiction and her multicultural perspective. However, I never had her as a teacher before, so she wasn't sure of my writing style. The biggest issue is that I don't really know her personally and she has never read my writing before. At any rate, she is a wise teacher and I am looking forward to sending my work to her.

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