August 18, 2009


Knightfall by Ben Essex
Summary: The Rapture is coming.

Likes: Despite it's size, it is a relatively easy read. I'm not too big on scripts, but this one reads somewhat like a novel. It's more of a script-novel hybrid with the descriptions and details like a novel, but the dialogue of a script. Then there is is this conversational and casual tone that one doesn't normally get in a script written story. It's like being guided along by a personal tour guide who is describing the story for you. In a normal story, it would be a little bit annoying but I enjoy that aspect since it seems like this isn't the average story. I can see this story as a television show, which I suppose is how the author intended it. The dialogue is witty and the action is described with enough detail to imagine it for yourself. I read the HTML version which made it a bit easier for me, though the author mentions that the PDF is available and is prettier (I agree). The HTML breaks it up in small bits and pieces and was easier for me to read and get into instead of looking at the daunting number of pages in the PDF version.

Dislikes: It was a little confusing with the time jumps and hopping and skipping from place to place. It took a little while for my mind to process where we were and I forgot some of the characters. There were parts in the story where the second person point of view was used and it was a little jarring to switch from third and second person. Parts that were in second person were a little weak compared to parts where the description was kept in person.

Overall: I typically read enough of the story to get an idea and read my review. I was a little daunted by reading such long sections of story. I wasn't sure whether I would like the story or not after the first chapter, however, if you stick with it to the end (or at least what's posted, it's a pretty easy read all things considered), it will be worth. I can see this on television, right after Baubles and Broomsticks (another script written story).

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