September 1, 2009

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
Date Started: August 28, 2009
Date Finished: September 1, 2009

Summary: Scarlett Martin lives with her two sisters, brother, and parents in the Hopewell Hotel, a hotel that has been owned by the Martin family for generations. When one of the Martin children turns 15, they are given a room to oversee. It is Scarlett's 15 birthday and she is given the famed Empire Suite. She also is in charge of running errands for an eccentric former actress named Amy Amberson. With Amy's help, Scarlett finds love, ruins someone's career, reunites old friends, and saves her brother from culinary school.

Likes: It was a fun read. Something one could read on vacation. There isn't an overall moral, which is refreshing because it gives your mind a chance to relax and join in on the fun and mischief that Scarlett and her family and friends get into. Amy is a diva, but is a real character. She's eccentric and seems to be fully realized, even if her whole life story doesn't get told during the course of the novel. I enjoyed Spencer,though he talks too much (but what actor doesn't) and all of his quirks. The other characters, Lola, Marlene, and Scarlett can be imagined as real people in life, they aren't as interesting to read as Amy and Spencer. If the story could be told from Spencer's point of view, I think we'd lose it's grounded nature (since Scarlett seems to be a little more practical), but we'd gain a lot of personality.

Dislikes: There wasn't much that I disliked. Again, there is a tragic event that is alluded to, but we only get the after effects of what happened. I'd like one specific scene in which all the Martins are in the hospital with Marlene and maybe some thoughts about it from Scarlett, since she didn't seem to be as emotional as the rest of the family. I do like the fact that Johnson put in the resentful feelings that Scarlett has towards Marlene, because Marlene does get away with a lot. It's understandable, but it's a real thing that I'm glad Johnson didn't shy away from.

Overall: This story just seems to be the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait to read Scarlett Fever and see how this story continues. There seems to be a lot of unfinished business with all the characters and I'm dying to see how everything plays out.

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