September 4, 2009

The Vector

The Vector

Summary: Plagues are breaking out in the city of Prague. Eva, a young woman, finds herself being blamed for this mysterious outbreaks. The Healer has come to rid the world of its infestations and now with a horrible virus ready to be unleashed, Eva must find away to safety.

Likes: I found the story to interesting and encapsulating. The writing is solid and the story is a fun read. Eva's character is likeable and her adventures are fun to read about. The writing isn't as clinical as it is in most thrillers and I really like the description of the Healer in the first chapter. The first chapter was one of my favorite parts of the story because the writing was so emotive and gripping. The story starts off strong and kind of wavers around a bit, like jumping back from London to Prague, from low action to high action. I feel like there's enough balance between the different levels of action. On the one hand, there isn't so much going on that you get lost in the fray and try to piece together what just happened, but at the same point the action isn't dragged out so that you skim the lower action parts just to get to the action.

Dislikes: One reason why I dislike reading thrillers is because the emotional connection is missing. There was a little bit more emotion than most thrillers, but it wasn't enough to make me truly empathize with the character. Yeah, she's cool and I'm interested in what happens to her, but it didn't really connect with me in a truly emotional way where I'm invested with this character for the long term.

Overall: I'll be honest and say that I'm not a reader of thrillers. Genre aside, I found this a fun read.

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