October 10, 2009

Above Ground

Summary: Lilith has lived underground for her whole life. After getting tickets to a show Above Ground, a freak accident sends her left alone with no way home. She meets a werewolf, who saves her life and now she has to find her way back home, if only things were that simple.

Likes: The story starts straight into the action and doesn’t stagnate like most stories of this type. It didn’t really pick up for me until Lilith was on her own and the twist came to the story. The writing and the potential this story kept me reading it through to the most current chapter posted. The writing is solid and doesn’t spend several paragraphs explaining the world. We are learning things along with Lilith, but the author doesn’t stop the action by bogging the story down with backstory. I’m interested to see how the werewolf pack politics come into play and whether Lilith can deal with them. There seems to be a bigger story building and I’m curious to see where it goes. The story seems to have a little romance brewing, I can deal with that as long as it doesn’t take priority to the overall plot.

Dislikes: There’s not much that I don’t like. The story has just taken off and so far there isn’t much posted. I agree with some of the other readers that the sense of wonder about the Above Ground world seems to be lost. Lilith is a little too well adjusted so far, but I think it beats being skittish like other heroines in the genre. I wonder if there can be some sort of balance, since she is new to the world and hasn’t seen this before.

Overall: I don’t really care about the types of creatures that one has featured in their stories, just as long as their interesting and the story is well written and fun to read. This story is fun to read and I’m curious to know how things pan out for Lilith.  This is going into my RSS feed, which means I really enjoyed it.

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