October 4, 2009

Zombie Girls

Summary: Delilah is on her own in a world filled with flesh eating zombies. While trying to survive and running into a young girl named Cassie, the two girls travel through their world to find safety and shelter.

Likes: There is suspense in just about every chapter. I'm not really a big fan of zombies, I could never understand the appeal, but nevertheless, this story was appealing to me. The characters are easy to care about. I mean, come on, they're two girls trapped in world full of flesh eating zombies (if you didn't read the summary), so automatically it's interesting to me. I can understand that these two girls know that have to rely on each other for survival and that fact gave it that interesting to read. The story while in it's premise is cliched, the twists and turns are different and unique and I'm curious to see where the story is going.

Dislikes: The story has some awkward areas as far as the prequel storyline to the current story Zombie Girls. It breaks up the action and is disorienting to read. When you are right in the heart of the current story, another storyline comes in and makes it a bit hard to read and get situated knowing the respective characters and the story. It would be easier to read these as separate chapters for a different story instead of seemingly random insertions into an otherwise entertaining story.

Overall: Like I mentioned, I'm not really a zombie fan, but this story is an exception to that. It might not be something I read everyday (outside of October, being Halloween and all), but I would pop in every once and a while to see if our heroines made it.

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