January 5, 2010

Apocalypse Blog

Apocalypse Blog

Summary: A bomb goes off and Faith, a once superficial woman getting over a hard break up, becomes a leader of a ragtag group of survivors during an apocalypse.
Likes: This is such a great story with great writing. All the characters were fully rounded and flawed, such as Faith herself. She tries to take care of everyone, but she isn't always successful. Unfortunately, some characters die, some character we've come to love die. This is life and it's written so well in this piece of web fiction that it make the story meaningful and more compelling to read.

Dislikes: This was a depressing story. The moment you don't it can get any worse, it gets worse. The story is pretty much written in real time, but reading about the situation doesn't translate well for web fiction in my opinion. It utilizes the blog fic genre very well, but the story is so heavy that it's not a quick read like other web fiction. It requires a reader's undivided attention, something that is nearly impossible on the internet. The story is so well written, that the medium doesn't do the story justice. Perhaps if the story was in print or took full advantage of the internet by being a bit more interactive.

Overall: I stopped reading after Zombies and skipped around a bit. The story seems like it should have stopped after Zombies to me and that's why I stopped there. I will continue eventually, but I feel like the second half of the book is an entirely different story with different characters and I need to take a break from all the sadness.

I read most of the story in one night with little distractions. The writing is so good that it deserves ones full attention, so I'd recommend setting some time aside for doing this.


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