January 2, 2010

Works in Progress Schedule

Infinite Alice- 20 chapters plotted out, first chapter 1/2 written.  
Ms. Desena- Up for critique Jan 5-Jan 12 on Critique Circle. Revision scheduled for January 18.
Against Giants- Need to rework the plot. Rework scheduled for February 2010.
Catch a Star- Need to rework plot. Scheduled for Spring 2010 (possibly for another creative writing assignment depending on what classes I get)
Welcome to Indiana- On Hold
Untitled Romance- Scheduled for Winter 2010. This may be my assignment for my Prose Poetry class, depending on how the class is structured.
Love in London(Tentative Title)- An idea I had on the way to pick up my dog from the vet. It is based on my adventures in London. Scheduled to write Spring 2010 (possibly for a creative writing assignment, depending on what classes I get)
Riverless City- a poem about my school. I will need to update it. Scheduled to write second part Janurary 2010. Due by Feburary 2010.

Three Month Plan:
January 2010
  • Revise Ms. Desena----January 18
  • Update Riverless City. Submit for Critique January 24
  • Continue writing Infinite Alice. Get up to episode 10 by the end of January. Roughly 3 chapters a week.  
  • Finish Part One (10 Episodes) Script Bible of It's All Relative
February 2010
  • Submit Riverless City to literary journal
  • Rework Against Giants.
  • Finish First Draft of Infinite Alice by the end of February.
March 2010
  • Rework Catch a Star.
  • Submit Third Draft of Ms. Desena for Final Critique March 21.
  • Line Edit of Infinite Alice by the end of March. 
  • Finish Part Two (10 Episodes) Script Bible of It's All Relative
  • Brainstorm and Character Development for Love in London.


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