January 1, 2010

A Journey Back: A Decade in Review

I stole this idea from my friend, Aneesah, and a few others so I figure why not join the bandwagon. To the best of my knowledge I will try to remember what happened in these years. I'm trying not to use names, but if your name comes up, uh... I guess I apologize, but I couldn't think of good nickname to refer to you as without A) embarrassing you (B)letting people know the evil nicknames we gave to you at the time. More...

2000-01- I was graduating from 6th grade at the Academy of Performing Arts and Foreign Language. I was 11 and I was going to be starting 7th grade at Cobalt Middle School, which was nothing but a bunch of portables. I was going from fairly popular 6th grader to loser 7th grader with braces. I resolved to stop liking Pokemon before I started 7th grade, that's when I started watching Toonami and Adult Swim. I went to summer school and met some of my good friends whom I'll refer to as D and Mizu. 7th grade started and I hung out with D and her friends. This year I went from saxophone player to trumpet player, went to San Francisco for a band trip, and joined Cadet Corp. I went to my first school dance.

2001-02-8th grade. I started hanging out with Mizu and her group of friends, which would include T and M/L. I still hung out with my old group of friends, but I was slowly transitioning away from them because new people joined us and started talking shit about another friend in our group. Plus, they didn't like anime. I had T and M/L in Mr.Buckhave's algebra class and in my English class, so I think we started our first fan fiction which was a Ronin Warriors Fan Fiction (lol).  I got bullied a lot by some ghetto ass black girls (and their ghetto ass brothers and boyfriends) and I got "suspended" for socking this stupid bitch in the face after they smashed an egg into the back of my head.

2002-03- 9th grade. 9th grade was pretty much the same. I had all the same friends and was into all the same things. This was the year I met U and she became a part of our group. I would say this was one of the best years because there was no fighting and no drama between any of us. We threw food off the balcony and hit people and did "bad" things and hung out in Mr. Alcorn's class during lunch. I ditched my first class and purposely got myself caught to see what would happen. I met A in my algebra class and made fun of our teacher's accent. This is the year we started the Fan Fiction in the red notebook,  Coo Coo Cachoo, which I'm pretty sure you can find floating around fanfiction.net

2003-04- 10th grade. Arguably one of the best years ever. Not really, but it was the year I think I did the most growing up. This is the year Anime Club got started and I met Nosaju, Yohi, Ichigo, Jin, and Toma. M/L didn't go to our school anymore. I also met the 04ers, Jade, Sirod, and a few others. I also met Namida, Rehtaeha, and errr... started dating Takun(the guy for which the fictional Takun is based on.*gag*). Yes, this was the year I got my first and only boyfriend so far. We went out together for a whole five months. (I will admit that it was fun while it lasted. It was a whirlwind of ditching classes to go to the tennis courts, goofing off in spanish and journalism, and playing DDR during lunch in Mr. Branstrator's and Halo in Mr. Henderson's class. I went to London for a week and I have been itching to get back ever since. The BF and I broke up a month after London (yes we went together with a group in our school). I had to apologize to all the friends I snubbed and get my life back together.

2004-05- 11th grade. Summer school was spent ditching to go to Del Taco and Jack in the Box with Kagome (a guy) and T. Another good year. I started taking Avid and met my friend Andrew. We goofed off and played "Peanut Butter Jelly Time Song" everyday before leaving class. We hung out in Ms. Gollimeyer's class during lunch just about everyday.  Matt, Omar, Chad and some other people started hanging out with us. I was still friends with the anime club people, but not so much. I said good-bye to my anime club friends and other demonic 05ers, went to Six Flags for the first time with the band kids, and Disneyland several times in a span of 3 months (and every year before that since 7th grade).

2005-2006- 12th grade. Admittedly one of the worst years ever. Anyway, this year started off okay, I reconnected with A and all the demonic 05ers were gone. Everything was peachy until someone (again, I'm not saying names) thought it would be a good idea to spread rumors/tell personal information about someone else and start a shit load of drama that virtually tore up a six year friendship. I ditched many classes with T to work on college apps. with Ms. Parola or watch CSI/House in Mr. Voight's. Got my first paid job working at Sylvan Learning Center. I went to prom, got into CSU Fullerton, UC San Diego and UC Riverside. In the end, I decided to go to UC Riverside and never looked back.

2006-2007- Summer that TASU formed. I started college. I got into the Honors program(and subsequently dropped the honors program) and lived in the honors hall in Pentland Hills. I went through FastStart for 5 weeks. I muddled through chemistry and biology classes. Didn't really party, stayed to myself, and met some friends. A moved to Colorado.

2007-2008- Second year of college. Started drinking and going to parties, but never enough to mess with grades. Meet two of the worst roommates I've ever had. Met some of the best friends I've ever had in RHA.

2008-2009- Third year of college. Got my car and got another job working at Mad Science. Got stuck with the same retarded roommate from the year before, but two good ones. A bunch of people either got knocked up,married, or both back in Victorville. Proud to say nobody I particularly care about was in this group (although I do know most of these people. =/ ). 

2009- Fourth year of college. Grades were all fucked up because someone didn't put my research grade in the comp. Changed my major and looking forward to graduating, sorta... Got awesome roommates.

I love how things became less complicated in college. Anyway, here's looking forward to new decade and an awesome year.


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