May 7, 2010


I actually have a number of projects going on this month and I need to get them done by this month as well.

Week 1: Creativity Workshop
For this workshop block, I'm going to focus on these three goals. The hardest to work on and something that is going to be an ongoing goal for me are:
  • Finding a Focus
  • Working with a self imposed deadline
  • Turning off the inner editor. 
So for finding a focus, I'm going to chose a theme and for brainstorming, I'm going to list a number of events and situations that are related to that theme. So for example, if I decide to write something about forgiveness, then I will choose some situations like a boy and a girl breaking up and forgiving each other, or a son forgiving his mother for something or vice versa, something like that. Choosing things randomly might make me have to work that much harder since I don't have total control over everything and I have to force myself to work on something I might not like.

Working with a self imposed deadline- I will be starting the planning tonight and figuring out all the logistics, which go along with finding the focus. I will start writing May 9 and write for an hour a day before or after class, provided I have all my homework for the night completed. I will finish writing on May 14. I must have at more than half of my Psych 12 paper due by Midnight May 9 or I cannot write and I will be behind on my goal and must continue in the series without the chapter. I will write 500+ words a day until I reach 2500 or until the story feels complete. 

Turning off the inner editor. After the story is completed is completed, I will put the story on my external hard drive (or once I get my netbook, I will leave them on my old laptop) and will not be permitted to look at it until the end of the 12 week workshop.

So the timeline
May 7- Character Sheet
May 8- Write Psych 12 paper (I need someone to bug me on writing the paper)  I wrote up most of it, but I don't have my results of the study.
May 9- Finish Abstract and Introduction. Look for research notes.
           Start writing workshop piece.
May 10- Finish Paper
            Continue writing story
May 14- Stop writing story.
May 15- Debrief

It's All Relative Challenge: 
No editing. The same goes with this. I need six mostly completed chapters by the end of the week to send into my gatekeeper/coach/beta reader. So far I have 2 written. By the end of the month I should have 30ish chapters somewhat completed. If I can get that far, that'll be the farthest I've ever made it in IAR. I have to catch up somehow.

Personal Challenge:
I wrote a story in workshop that I want to expand into a novel/novella. I think it's really interesting. It's like The Secret Year/Jumping Off Swings/My Life as a Rhombus mash-up with everything that I think was missing in those stories. A story about teen pregnancy, cheating on people, abortion, and a guy who isn't a jackass. Let's see how it goes. I don't to wait because I want to turn some of this in for my final project in my workshop class. I will probably just write the first three chapters which will be expanded parts of my creative writing workshop story.

Progress charts will be in the doobly-doo--->


AuroraLee said...

Good gosh you've got a metric ton of stuff to do this week!! Good luck with it all!

Najela said...

Thank you. The next couple weeks are going to be insane with finals and papers coming up, but thank you for the encouragement.


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