May 13, 2010

Midweek Review 1

I had a good but bittersweet Mother's day. On the one hand, I spent time with my mother and our family friends, but then when we got home we heard that another family friend had passed away. I didn't know him that well, but it's always sad when people lose someone they love. I wrote something on grief, giving a little insight to a character in a story. I couldn't make it into a series for the sake of the workshop, but it felt good to get the feelings out there and deal with them.

I finished my paper, trying to do it in advance, but ended up narrowly making it to the deadline before my computer crapped out. I always end up waiting until the last minute, which works out because I thrive on the stress. I have to compartmentalize the things that I do. I had to finish my paper before I worked on anything else. Now that I'm pretty much free, I need to finish up my homework and then work on the workshop.  I'm currently typing this up on my new netbook. I'm still keeping my old laptop for art projects since my tablet and photoshop and paintbrushes are all there. Anyway...

So my goals for this week were:
  • Finding a focus
  • Working on a self imposed deadline
  • Turning off the inner editor.
So far, I'm trying to figure out what to write about. I'm thinking of working Infinite Alice for this workshop and into 12 episode/chapters for posting on the web at the end of the workshop. I'm excited, but I think as far as other goals that are coming up, it's a bit hard to write a series of stories that interconnect that change genre every chapter. One thing that I've never done is Steampunk, but this story is crying out to be an urban fantasy. If there is another round of workshops later in the year, I can work my way up to Sci-Fi, but I need to take baby steps. If I don't compartmentalize my work, I won't be able to get it done. When I have a goal and a general deadline hanging over my head, I can put it into high gear just in the nick of time. Finding focus, I need to post a focus, then write everything related to that theme.

Working on a self imposed deadline- this is a little bit hard considering that there are slightly more important things to do in life at the moment like school, internship, and work. There was a situation with work and to make a long story short, I once again have some more time on my hands. I'm still in the brainstorming process as far as this story is concerned. I'll be a week behind everyone if I don't hurry up. I still have so much stuff for life calling me. I'll try to write a little before I go to sleep and a little when I wake up, if I can wake up in time.

Turning Off the Editor-This isn't exactly as hard I thought it would be. I actually haven't done any writing, so there's nothing to edit. LOL.

How are your goals going for this week?


Emma said...

I'm also someone who waits till the last minute to do stuff because I thrive on the stress. I hate it, but my best work always comes when I'm pressed for time.

My mother hates it, though. xD

Najela said...

My mom hates it too. This is probably the biggest source of conflict for us. I always wait to the last minute, but I always remind her that whatever it is she needs, it gets done, just not on her time. lol


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