June 24, 2010

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Summary: Offred, once known as June, had a free life a religious sect overtook America, which is now known as Gilead. Now women have no rights and no power. They have been segregated into different ranks; Wives, Daughters, Aunts, Marthas, Econowives, and Offred's position as a Handmaid, a woman who bears children for their Commander after the Wife is infertile. Offred is looking to find out what happened to her friends and family, but she's at the liberty of the Commander and is held back by the oppressive society.

Likes: I liked that this story weaves in memories of the main characters life before things changed. I liked to see how a dystopia changed over time how the rules became more oppressive. There were certain subtle things about the control of women's sexuality that makes the story seem a bit plausible and I didn't have to suspend my disbelief too much to get engaged in the story of June/Offred. I liked learning along with her as she gathered little bits of information about the world around her. It was kind of interesting to see what happened next. The writing, most of the time, was lyrical and gave a dark dreamy quality to the writing that gives it a surreal quality.

Dislikes: The prose is sometimes overdone. The metaphors were a little excessive. The ending was bizarre. I wanted to know what happened next, but it seems to cut off and sum up what happened to the world instead of what happened to Offred specifically.

Overall: I always thought this was a chick-lit novel because of the name. I'm glad my professor convinced me otherwise. This was an interesting dystopian novel geared towards adults. I liked the strangeness of the new

Recommended by: My CRWT 172 professor.

Acquired: eBook


Ordinary Reader said...

Stopping in from the hop. I just got this book from the library and for some reason I'm hesitant to read it. Your review tells me it's something I might like thought so I'll give it a try this week. Thanks for the recommendation!

Najela said...

I hope you enjoy it. I rather liked it, but it does take a while to get used to the writing.


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