August 10, 2010

101 in 1001: Have A Blog Giveaway

Hosting a blog giveaway was exciting. I went from 6-7 followers to nearly 60 in a span of a week. I think the coolest things is that I also met a lot of cool people and found some interesting blogs as well. Since this was a part of my 101 in 1001 list, I'm going to give some reflection about it. I hope to do this with everything that goes on my list.

Pros: I forgot how fun promoting and marketing things could be. When I used to write web fiction, I always had fun finding new websites to place ads and talking to others in the web fiction world. It felt nice to be a part of something and to just have fun with it. I wasn't expecting the turn out to be so big, but it was and it was fantastic.

Cons: I messed up the google form and jacked everything up on the first couple days, so I had to start over again. I feel that I should have tested out the form beforehand before unleashing it to the world. Also, I had a million bills to pay, so I think I could have planned a better time. Maybe in the middle of the month. I was so busy with the giveaway that I forgot to blog things that people could read.

Overall: Contests can be a lot of fun, but I suggest if you are going to do one, make it easy to enter, give away something people want, and just have fun with it. Winning just puts a smile on my face (the first time I won something, I darn near fainted because I beat out John Green to get it)  so knowing that I could do that for someone else, gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Didn't win this week? That's okay! Giveaways are so much fun, I'll be holding another one in a couple of weeks!


Christine Fletcher said...

Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of the blog contest! Great to know and to keep in mind.

Najela said...

I'm glad they were helpful. I definitely recommend having posts scheduled ahead of time so that your new followers will have something to read when they get there.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

I am also a psych major and a writer! AND we're the same age and obviously, women of color! Hurray! I've been looking all over for someone just like me! :D

I don't know if what I write would interest you, though. I publish horror and erotica.

noral said...

cool... but the card is not for international is it?


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