August 19, 2010

Blog Hop/Follow Friday #3

Book Blogger Hop This week's question: How many blogs do you follow?

Surprisingly, I don't follow as many blogs as I thought. I follow 190, varying from webcomics, webfiction, industry blogs, race and ethnicity blogs, author blogs, book blogs and personal blogs. I'm always looking to follow more, because people's lives and opinions are interesting to me. (even if we don't share the same views.

PhotobucketThis week's featured follower is

She blogs about Edgy Christian Romance. Sounds interesting to me.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am stopping by from the blog hop! I love your blog, it is easy to navigate and I am an avid reader/struggling writer too! haha. I wanted to major in creative writing but I am not sure anymore. How do you like it?

Danielle @

pussreboots said...

I follow a few web comics too in my reader.

Happy Friday. Come see how many blogs I subscribe to.

Badass Bookie said...

Hi there ,
Hopping over via Hop (both!) Lovely blog you have here! Sure to come over again! Happy reading and blogging and have a FABULOUS weekend!

Til next time,
Lisa (Badass Bookie) xx

Rachel said...

Just stopping by via the hop. I like your blog and am a new follower. Have a great weekend and happy reading!

And the plot thickens...

Shan said...

Stopping by from the hop. I love how clean and organized your blog is, and the 101 in 1001 is great!


Missy said...

Hi! Just dropping by to wish you a wonderful weekend!!

Happy reading!
Missy @ Missy's Reads & Reviews

Jinky said...

Hoppin' by to say hello from booksthattugtheheart.

Have a good day!

Kare said...

hey! just following you!

Must Love Books said...

Found you through follow friday. I'm now a new follower :)

Euphoria13 said...

Hi there!

I'm hopping by from the Book Blog Hop!

I'm a new follower!

Happy Blogging!

- Mevurah

Ashley said...

Hey there! I'm stopping by from Parajunkee's site.
I just graduated with my BS in Psychology! WTG! And good luck to you!!

Emma Michaels said...

Happy Follow Friday!! Just found you blog and became a follower! Hope you will also take a look at mine!!!

Emma Michaels

danya said...

Hi, found you through the hop and now following! I majored in psych and I totally agree, I think it's a great background to have for getting a better understanding of your character's personality/behaviour etc.

A Tapestry of Words

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Hello, visting you from The Hop.
I think the hop is a marvelous way to meet bloggers both old and new.
I'm #186, Just stopped by to wish you a great weekend.
This week my trip to the Hop is brought to you by the number 4.

Michelle (chelleyreads) said...

hi najela!
thanks for finding our blog, stopping by and following. hope you are having a wonderful sunday with lots of great reading. :-D

Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks

Now following you too!


Just wanted to say hi! We already follow each other, but I totally see how they relate. You have to understand people, their motivations everything about them to write a good character. You'll be one up on everyone else with a double major. Just a lot to do! I like that eyeshadow too!

Have a great week! Heather


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