October 2, 2010

Novel Push Initiative Word Count Sheet

Novel Push Initiative is: (copied from website):

NPI stands for ‘Novel Push Initiative’. The goal is to write 250 words per day for a month.
This is a great way to help you write through manuscripts you’ve been struggling with, or it can help you get used to writing every day. The reasons for joining are many, but participating always results in adding more words to your manuscripts, letting you get that much closer to the end of your stories.
And most importantly, we’re all in this together, so there’s lots of support and encouragement to go around.

So go join this and finish your work in progress. 

Novel Push Initiative Week One:

Update at Midnight!

Day Word Count
Oct 1 340
Oct 2 604
Oct 3 92
Oct 4 304
Oct 5 653
Oct 6 0
Oct 7 0
Knocked out. =(
Oct 8 ?
Oct 9 ?
Total Word Count Week One ?


Cinette said...

I'm in the NPI too. Glad to meet you!

Najela said...

Awesome. Welcome. It's good to meet you too.


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